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PR Photographers

Creative PR photography is essential to any campaign. Eye-catching PR photographers can propel a story to a quarter or half page or hugely increase the click through rate online. A PR photographer understands that if an image is outstanding it can be THE focus of the story or cause the story to go viral.

When you are looking for a photographer, or you commission us as your PR photographers, you enlist years of experience which make centre pages and produce images that picture editors want to see.

PR Photographers in Bristol

A PR photographer will provide imaginative publicity press and professional PR photography to the public relations, corporate and charity sectors. Whether providing a service as professional PR photographers in Bristol for an event, to a large company in Exeter, or an Agency in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Swindon, Bath or Cardiff, clients receive a quick, unparalleled service from the brief through to finished photography.

PR Photographer

Kingbridge PR Photographers are up to date with the latest brand thinking. We know the new currency in marketing is trust, and we shoot images which build trust and rapport with the reader. Well-crafted images are not only created by the actual subject, but by manipulating colours and the environment, to impact the emotions a PR photographer chooses to evoke.
Our role as professional PR photographer is to craft the brand image our clients, corporates or agencies are looking for, and thus we enhance the brief through creativity and expertise.

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