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Portrait Photographers

Portrait photography is really an art and as professional portrait photographers we know how to read the subject and depict the expression, personality and mood of the person or people we are photographing.

Portrait Photographer

Whether looking for portrait photographers Bristol or portrait photographers Bath or portrait photographers UK you will enjoy working with us. It is an important criteria when selecting a portrait photographer to choose someone who is likeable and amenable, and who can make the person being photographed, feel comfortable. The focus of the photograph is usually the person’s face so it is important to capture that authentic look which represents the personal brand image. As a Bristol portrait photographer we often include the entire body and sometimes the background to provide context.

Commercial Portrait Photographer

At Kingbridge Photographic we use different techniques for portrait photography. Sometimes capturing the persons eyes and face in sharp focus is powerful and then keeping less important elements in a soft focus. Other times, as a commercial portrait photographer individuals features might be the focus of a composition such as the hands or part of the subject’s upper body. As advertising photographers we use this technique extensively to reinforce advertising messages.

We also believe that the environment, be that a work, leisure or social, can be strategic in creating rapport or association. An artist in their studio or entrepreneur in their environment creates connection, and can also provide historical or social significance serving as a sources of reference.

Commercial Photographers

As commercial photographers it is the angle which often compliments our images providing a more creative portrait photographers approach. We use digital manipulation to produce outstanding pictures of people. Lighting, noisy backgrounds, or even highlighting brand colours can be controlled and used to deliver something unique and eye-catching.

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