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Event Photographer

We understand the significance of event photography as it is often a one-off occasion. Our event photographer is available for any event, occasion or function. As event photographers we understand the importance of the actual day and that quality, spontaneity and creativity are vital. Whether our services are required as an event photographer in Bristol, or any of the surrounding areas, we offer a versatile approach to photographing people at your event. We provide the necessary portable, high quality photographic and studio equipment on site as you would expect from a professional event photographer.

Event Photographers

Event photographers attend many different types of functions and therefore we have the ability to adjust to the unique environments and unusual venues we are required to perform in. Dependant on the nature of the event that we as event photographers are working in, determines what on the equipment will be required.

Some of our clients require the event photographer capture as many saleable images as possible. As event photographers we have embraced digital technology and all our camera equipment is the latest technology.

Event Photographer in Bristol

Although we are known as leading event photography agency in Bristol we work throughout the UK and internationally.

Every event has its own personality and is targetted toward a specific market. The right style of event photography is critical and Andre Regini is synonomous with event photographer in Bristol. Corporate event photography is something we do well and as corporate event photographers we are experienced in working to detailed briefs, tight deadlines with a cross-section of media.

Other features of our event photography services are photo manipulation, special effects and retouching. Event photographs require rigorous editing to meet the high finished product demands from the Advertising and PR Agencies we serve.

Professional Photographer

Whether it’s a standalone project, initial concept through to finished media, or part of a bigger campaign, we are happy to jump in anywhere in the process to help you maximise your spend, on time and within budget. Have a look at our event photography portfolios.

Please contact us for a consultation if you need a professional photographer to cover your PR event or function.

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