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Architecture Photographer

Architectural photography is typically created from either the exterior or interior views of buildings. The techniques used by architectural photographers in each of these types of photography are similar, but as an experienced architect photographer we understand the influence of light and space as well as the need to use specialist photographic equipment like the fully digital medium format Hasselblad.

Architectural Photographers

As Architectural photographers when shooting exterior architectural images, we demonstrate our skills by how we take advantage of existing daylight. When shooting at night, architectural photography can be more challenging and creative as we use ambient light from street lights, landscape lights, outside building lights, moonlight and even the half-light present in the sky.

Architecture Photography

At Kingbridge Photographic we believe that good Architecture Photography takes into consideration the garden design or land surrounding a building to enhance the appearance of the building by using its contours or gardens to produce a unique effect. An architectural photographer knows that the overall composition of a photograph must communicate a specific message to the audience by including the aesthetic harmony of the building and its environment. Great architectural photographers will often include plants, shrubs, columns or statues in the foreground of a composition, to manipulate and lead the eye into the composition and to its main subject, the building.

Interior architecture photography

Interior architecture photography is our expertise. We creatively make use of surrounding light transmitted through windows and skylights, and even interior lighting fixtures to enhance the image. An Interiors photographer has the advantage of using professional lighting to strategically improve aspects of the building or guide the eye to specific areas of importance.

At Kingbridge Photographic we know that a powerful and professional architectural photographer can enhance your business branding in both literature and website content. Let us showcase your building in an innovative and remarkable way.

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