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Andre Regini is a photographer with huge experience in constructing both simple and complex productions, from global advertising campaigns as Advertising Photographer, to PR Photographer for local SMEs. He is an aclaimed international photographer and has shot throughout the UK, Europe, South Africa and the USA.

At Kingbridge Photographic we work with a number of world class agencies and boast a long and varied client list, including the likes of:
Google, Toshiba, Microsoft, Lloyds of London, Royal & Sun Alliance, Lloyds TSB, VM Ware, Specsavers, Tootsies Restaurants, Las Iguanas Restaurants.

As Commercial Photographers and Event Photographers our work has been published in many UK papers and magazines including:
The Times Weekend, The Telegraph supplement, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Sun, OK, Bristol Magazine, Clifton Life and Bath Life.

Andre Regini, as Architect Photographer, has also exclusively shot for the film premiere events of Love Actually, Bridget Jones, Pride & Prejudice, James Bond – Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Miami Vice and conducted commissions for celebrities such as Katie Price.

We us only the best photographic equipment, including the Fully Digital Medium Format Hasselblad and 35mm Canon, for all photographic projects to ensure high quality and reproducible work.

Corporate Photographer

As Corporate Photographers we support clients in building their brands by providing exceptional corporate photography. Whether you demand a brilliant corporate portrait photographer or want to promote your company or staff let us provide you with images to give you the competitive angle.

PR Photographer

We believe its creative PR photography which influences the success of any campaign. As a PR Photographer you have to understand the art of storytelling through image. Our clients see us as the preferred PR photographers and the proof lies in the fact that our images get published and shared online.

Event Photographer

We understand the nature of event photography. The moment cannot be repeated and that is why our clients select us as their event photographers at PR events, trade fairs and functions. As event photographer we know how to capture the mood, depict the energy, profile the people and enhance the agency brief.

Architecture Photographer

An architectural photographer understands the power of composition and is creative in the use of the environment to enhance the brief. As Architecture photographers we shoot with a thorough understanding of what the photograph must communicate and who the target audience is. We are highly experienced in Interior architecture photography.

Fashion Photographer

We thrive on the glamor and creativity demanded from us as Fashion Photographers. As a Fashion photographer we enjoy working with models, production designers and agencies. We go beyond the brief to create something exceptional and use our extensive experience as advertising photographers to shape the story.

Advertising Photographer

As an advertising photographer we often work with an advertising agency, design firm or with an in-house corporate design team. As advertising photographers we help develop and implement client’s ideas through a creative approach to advertising photography. We know the power of images and we know how to shoot that winning angle.